BTT™ Science

The science behind Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp.™ is a paradigm shift. Biologically speaking, the technology changes everything. While all thermometers measure body temperature, this technology delivers the most precise measurement of brain temperature – the single most important temperature of the body.  This is because the brain controls all autonomic systems.

The body is a machine moved by heat, but for the past 300 years, physicians and other caregivers have measured this heat in all the wrong places. Though thermometers have undergone incremental improvements, they still have major shortcomings that produce inaccurate data.

The brain thermal tunnel revolutionizes the way that we relate to heat. It makes use of a biological, bi-directional tunnel that starts at the intersection of the nose and eyebrow where thermal signature patterns are captured from the brain. With that information, our scientists and researchers will be developing diagnostics and specific therapies using brain thermal modulation to help manage and treat various conditions and diseases.

The Brain Thermal Tunnel™ is the only biologically natural site for accurate core temperature measurement


The Discovery of the brain thermal tunnel

Dr. Marc Abreu, a medical doctor, surgeon, ophthalmologist, physicist, clinical faculty at the Yale University School of Medicine, discovered the brain thermal tunnel. This discovery was featured in a unique press release by Yale University, which said that for the first time in history brain temperature has been measured non-invasively and continuously. Subsequently, this discovery was depicted around the world by printed and televised news.

Dr. Abreu is a pioneer in research on body thermal energy and brain thermodynamics, having spent two decades studying body temperature and its measurement. His research led him to discover the unique thermodynamic properties of orbital fat surrounding the superior ophthalmic vein and the thermal conductivity of the tissues that comprise the brain thermal tunnel. This thermodynamic configuration provides direct transfer of thermal energy from the hypothalamic region of the brain to the specialized area of high conductivity skin at the superomedial orbit, without interference from elements, such as fat, which prevent heat transmission through the body surface.

Research and subsequent clinical tests at Yale validated the fact that the temperature over the brain thermal tunnel— monitored noninvasively without correction – measures brain temperature and assesses cerebral thermodynamics, and also measures core temperature during steady state. The results showed that the brain thermal tunnel is the only area in the body that provides the true thermal status of the body, being the most precise, accurate and clinically useful way of evaluating temperature in humans.