TV Coverage

TV Coverage

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Domingo Espetacular
BTT is featured on “Domingo Espetacular” – Record Network

NBC News Channel 9
NBC News Channel 9 Denver report on Marc Abreu M.D. and the BTT

Record News
Dr Marc Abreu featured in Record`s News on his lecture during the event “Café no Copa”

Record News
BTT is featured on Record News

Good Morning China
Good Morning China news report on the BTT

Jornal Nacional Globo TV
Connecticut Fire Academy conducts training using the BTT discovered by Marc Abreu M.D.

NBC TV News report on the BTT and Marc Abreu M.D.

Channel U News
Channel U News Report on the BTT with Marc Abreu M.D.

ABC TV News report on Marc Abreu M.D. and the BTT

Bandeirantes TV
Total Sports “Bandeirantes TV” features BTT

Channel News Asia
Channel News Asia report Marc Abreu M.D. and the BTT

Ch 5 News 5 Tonight Singapore
On the program Ch 5 News 5 Tonight Singapore, reporters give information about the BTT and its’ discoverer Dr. Marc Abreu of Yale University