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BTT Corp Announces Its Research System Is Available for Pre-Order

Abreu BTT™ 700 Research System allows researchers to capture and analyze thermodynamic signals from the Brain Thermal Tunnel

AVENTURA, Fla.– Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. announces the pre-order of its Abreu BTT™ 700 Research System designed for brain research based upon the brain thermal tunnel (BTT). Dr. Márcio Abreu, company founder, CSO and clinical faculty at Yale University School of Medicine, discovered this tunnel which provides the first known method for thermal communication directly with the center of the brain. Anatomically and physiologically speaking, the BTT is an intracranial pathway insulated for heat retention that originates at the hypothalamic thermoregulatory center and ends with a terminus that is uniquely designed for heat energy transfer. The research system enables the researcher, for the first time in history, to gather and analyze brain thermodynamic data from the BTT terminus noninvasively and continuously.

Abreu BTT™ 700 Research System and Infrared image showing BTT site

Research and subsequent clinical tests validated the fact that the skin temperature over the BTT — monitored noninvasively without correction and predictive factors — is consistent with measurements using intraparenchymal probes as well as established measures of brain temperature in humans during steady state or normothermic conditions. BTT monitoring also detected brain/core decoupling during brain hypothermia and hyperthermia.

Dr. Abreu and another clinical faculty member of Yale concluded based upon their research of the BTT that, “The ability to monitor the oscillatory pattern of thermal signals with a high frequency sensor applied to the skin of the superomedial orbit (“brain temperature tunnel”) offers new avenues for assessment of temperature regulations in health and prediction of outcomes of diseases.” David Silverman, M.D., Márcio Abreu, M.D. Dept. of Anesthesiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Ct. Anesthesiology, A1354, ASA Annual Meeting, October 2010.

Based on an FDA cleared device, the Abreu BTT™ 700 Research System is easily integrated into the researcher’s workflow and includes everything needed to capture and analyze BTT thermodynamic signals. The system provides an interactive tool for analyzing brain thermodynamic signals in the time and frequency domains. “Our research system opens a natural window that sees into the brain so that we can begin to unravel the mysteries of the brain in a way not possible before,” said Abreu.

Some suggested research topics could include, but are not limited to: surgery, brain ischemia, sleep, pain, sepsis, hypothermia/hyperthermia, epilepsy, dementia, physical exertion, stress, anything related to the senses, and thermal parameters.

BTT Corp is excited to announce that pre-orders for its new Abreu BTT™ 700 Research System are available now. In addition to pre-order functionality, a Sign-Up list is set up on our website so that customers can receive pre-order campaign information. We encourage anyone interested in learning more or pre-ordering the Abreu BTT™ 700 Research System to visit this link


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